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100 % Renewable for the EU

The European Community for Renewable Energy (ERENE)

Europe can cover all its electricity needs using renewable sources of energy. However, to optimally exploit the existing potential it requires new instruments and strategies. A European Community for Renewable Energy (ERENE) will reduce Europe’s dependency on fossil and nuclear energy sources and strengthen European integration.

Strong arguments for ERENE: European cooperation to fully cover the EU’s energy needs from renewable energy sources is the integration project of the future. » more


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The EU on the Road to a Sustainable Energy Future?

October 4, 2010 - In the recently published National Action Plans on the 2020 targets, the EU member states show how they intend to promote renewable energy sources. The Green European Foundation in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation and other partner organisations has checked whether the approach chosen in these National Action Plans is sustainable beyond the year 2020 and fully uses the potential of European Cooperation. more»


On the Path to a Modern, Sustainable Energy and Climate Policy

- We have a long path ahead of us. To realise our vision of a Europe covering its electricity needs completely from renewable energy sources, we will conduct further research and analysis to expand the concept of the European Community for Renewable Energy; we will persuade political decision-makers, form networks and find supporters for the idea. more»


ERENE – A Study on European Energy and Climate Policy

How can Europe cover 100 % of its energy needs using renewable energy sources? How can this help Europe ensure its energy supply in the long term, effectively combat climate change and simultaneously improve European competitiveness? We have a vision! more»

ERENE - European Community for Renewable Energy

- June 8, 2009 - Climate protection and a secure energy supply both are questions of our future. The European Union must set itself ambitious goals if it wants to maintain its political dynamic. A feasibility study by Michaele Schreyer and Lutz Mez in collaboration with David Jacobs. more»


Renewable Energies in the Baltic Sea Region

February 10, 2011 - Renewables in the electricity sector are often built in regional cooperations. The Example of the Baltic Sea Region shows, that there is a clear potential for an energy system built on 100 percent renewable production. Factwise more»

Issue Paper ERENE

On Transmission Grid Governance

- February 8, 2011 - The construction of a European grid is a prerequisite for the joint exploitation of renewable energy sources in Europe. But although the necessity is now widely accepted, the construction of this grid and especially of the interconnectors between the different European countries is progressing slowly. How can we speed up this process? Antonella Battaglini and Johan Lilliestam more»
Wind turbines

Issue Paper ERENE

The external relations of the EU in energy policy

- February 8, 2011 - What is the nature of the European Union’s relations to third countries with regard to renewable sources of Energy? And what are the options available for developing those relations further in order to exploit the potential of renewable energy more effectively? Sascha Müller-Kraenner more»


Safe clean energy future unfolds on virtual Heliosthana

- June 18, 2010 - A how-to guide for a safe clean energy future, based around the virtual Mediterranean nation Heliosthana was launched on 11th May 2010 by WWF and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung (hbs), at the Spanish EU Presidency conference on the Mediterranean Solar Plan in Valencia. more»

Your Opinion Counts Too!

- What are the possible advantages of realising ERENE? What parts of the concept need to be expanded? Can ERENE become a new integration project for the European Union? more»



ERENE needs a broad alliance of organizations and individuals who can make a contribution. ERENE needs you! more»
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