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Does the concept persuade you?

What are the possible advantages of realising ERENE? What parts of the concept need to be expanded? Can ERENE become a new integration project for the European Union?

We look forward to a lively debate – every opinion counts! You can join in the debate as well; send your comments to for publication on the website. In addition, we will invite experts from the politics, science, business and civil society to debate about ERENE.


Safe clean energy future unfolds on virtual Heliosthana

June 18, 2010 - A how-to guide for a safe clean energy future, based around the virtual Mediterranean nation Heliosthana was launched on 11th May 2010 by WWF and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung (hbs), at the Spanish EU Presidency conference on the Mediterranean Solar Plan in Valencia. more»

A European Community for Renewable Energies

- August 19, 2009 - According to an ambitious initiative launched by some of Europe's largest companies, the Sahara will become a power hub to provide renewable energy to Europe by the mid of the century. This project should become a cornerstone of a new European Community for renewable energies. In a carbon constraint world, this new effort could make Europe a leader in the energy economy of the 21st century, argues Ralf Fücks. more»

The Next Big Project for the EU is Energy

- June 15, 2009 - The global energy system is undergoing a structural crisis. At its heart lies the need to restrain climatic change while at the same time dealing with energy security in an era of rapidly growing demand. The widening gap between rising demand for energy and limited resources of oil and gas has, together with speculation, increased fuel prices to record levels. This in turn has raised the spectre of a recession. These combined challenges pose a significant threat to international economic and political stability. By Michaele Schreyer and Ralf Fücks more»
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