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July 14, 2009
To make ERENE a reality, both the European citizens and the political decision-makers in the EU member states must be persuaded of the concept. ERENE will be publicized to a broad audience through events and the internet, and it will be expanded and developed further using exemplary studies.

Bringing ERENE into the Political Debate

Political support must be raised. This means that the concept will require Europe-wide networking and the support of as many organizations and individuals as possible. For this reason the Heinrich Böll Foundation aims to form a coalition to insert ERENE in the political discussion on the European level.

All these activities will require the support of as many organizations and individuals as possible.

There Are Many Ways to Support ERENE:

  • As a member of the Supporters List, you can provide non-financial support, for instance by distributing ERENE materials at your events, signing on to the project (as an organization or an individual) or linking to ERENE on your homepage.
  • As a Partner, you can actively support and publicize ERENE, for instance by cooperating on events, providing financial support for specific projects such as publications or events, or performing publicity work and lobbying.
  • As a Donor / Patron you can support the ERENE project financially but without active participation. Depending on the amount of the support, it will be mentioned in the context of project activities.

If you are convinced that ERENE is a good idea that you would like to support, use this

f o r m

to let us know how you would like to support ERENE, or contact us:

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