The Vision

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ERENE - The Study on European Energy and Climate Policy

How can Europe cover 100 % of its electricity needs using renewable energy sources? How can this enable Europe to ensure a sustainable energy supply, effectively combat climate change and simultaneously improve its competitiveness? Alongside energy conservation and improvements in energy efficiency, renewable energies play the key strategic role in sustainable energy policy. In the ERENE study, authors Michaele Schreyer and Lutz Mez develop the vision of completely covering European electricity needs through renewable energies.

To achieve this, they propose establishing a European Community for Renewable Energy (ERENE). Through joint European action, ERENE would make it possible to explore the enormous and diverse potential of Europe’s renewable energy sources. The Community would be the avant-garde of the effort to shift power generation from fossil and nuclear energy sources to renewable sources. Thus, ERENE stands for the ecological modernization of Europe’s electricity sector.

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The Study

ERENE - European Community for Renewable Energy

June 8, 2009 - Climate protection and a secure energy supply both are questions of our future. The European Union must set itself ambitious goals if it wants to maintain its political dynamic. A feasibility study by Michaele Schreyer and Lutz Mez in collaboration with David Jacobs. more»

ERENE - Summaries in Nine Languages



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Originally written and published in German, the outstanding results of this study originally published by the Heinrich Boell Foundation are now promoted in most European countries by translating the executive summary into numerous languages. The Italian, English, French, Slovene, Danish, Greek, Swedish, Finnish and Dutch version are published in bilingual leaflets, the full study is available in French, German and English.You can find and download this summaries in the right column →.

The Complete Study in Spanish:

ERENE – Una Comunidad Europea para las Energías Renovables (pdf-file, 85 pages, 2.13 MB)

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